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Burlington Design Gallery

8001 Bent Branch Drive

Irving, Texas 75063

Phone: 469-248-3210




8:30 AM to 5:00PM 


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We are committed to offer the highest level of client experience. Our dedicated staff will help you with every detail from design phase to the completion of the project. The gallery is an extension of Burlington Materials that has been servicing clients all over the USA for the last ten years with exclusive stone products from around the world. Our Global sourcing power is our strength when it comes to assisting our clients with newly discovered materials or sourcing a particular product for a specific project. 

Burlington Design Gallery is “The Destination ” when it comes to sourcing trendy, versatile and exotic materials. It’s a 55000 SF gallery where interior designers, architects, contractors, pool builders and homeowners come to source exotic slabs, unique tiles and Mosaics. With a goal to service the clients with all the materials under one roof, the husband-wife team, Sonny & Simi Kapoor, bought the 5-acre property and created 3 massive showrooms, that showcase an exotic slabs gallery, design center and hardscapes showroom. The location also houses the warehouse & the distribution facility.

If you are working on a project and looking for a specific product that needs sourcing, we encourage you to contact us at Our A & D department has experience in sourcing the right  design materials from the right region anywhere in the world. We can ship materials anywhere in the world as well. It just needs preparation, planning and execution. Our trade partner relationships have been very strong and are still going strong. As we celebrated 10 years in business last year, we look forward to getting an opportunity to assist you.

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Burlington Design Gallery
8001 Bent Branch Drive
Irving, Texas 75063
(469) 248-3210
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