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           For more than 30 years, Domiziani has revolutionized the way of thinking about stone. Its craftsmanship is the result of thorough research and deep subject knowledge. It involves the meticulous artistic labor of those who are able to see beyond and transform the unexpected into a formula of uniqueness. The strong and eclectic combinations of lava and volcanic stone are the effect of workmanship that gives the material its shape, ideas that are fixed and hardened in a kiln to forge the stone’s identity.

            A system of reactions that investigates the endless possibilities of a single material. Each Domiziani piece preserves its soul and expresses it in all its facets thanks to the exquisite craftsmanship. Right in the heart of Italy, where the tradition of ceramics is still a strong passion preserved in the region’s DNA, Domiziani finds its identity by blending nature and art in pieces renowned and loved all over the world. Each Domiziani project encapsulates the differences in nature, man’s touch and the hardening of fire, creating an ensemble of unique and functional art.

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