Chapter 1 – Architectural Preservation

While iconic ironwork adorns the streets of the French Quarter, Architectural Preservation pays tribute to the artistic, contextual, and informative values of the French Quarter’s cultural heritage. 
Architectural Preservation Patterns – Célestine, Estelle, Désirée, Joséphine, Cage d’Oiseaux, St-Charles Avenue Field and Border

Chapter 2 – Gulf Shores

On the waterfront, dancing wavelets deliver a sense of calm and blissfulness. Our watery patterns, through a careful material assignment and bespoke design, are energized through the Gulf Shores.
Gulf Shores Patterns – Serenity, Coral Repeat, XOXO, Wavelet

Chapter 3 – American Bistro
American Bistro serves a taste of modern vs traditional fare transpired into ageless trendsetting mosaic patterns, all steaming from century-old restaurant floors and tabletop linens from some of America’s most outstanding restaurants.
American Bistro Patterns - Confectionary, After Eight, Petit Bonbon, Blank Cheque, Table d’Hôte, Amuse-Gueule, Pavé d'Amour, Clafoutis, Alençon Border, Duchesse Border

Chapter 4 – Garden District

Finally, walk through the Garden District on a Sunday afternoon and savor some of America’s best-preserved historic mansions. All beautifully adorned with a multitude of flowers and gardens, enough to beautify any home, old or new.
Garden District Patterns – Foliage, Camellia Flower, Magnolia Buds, Hydrangea, Petals, Julia Rose, Climbing Rose, Dogwood Mystique

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