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Sahara Noir

What is Sahara Noir Marble?

Sahara Noir Marble is a type of natural stone used in construction and interior design, known for its distinctive appearance. It is predominantly black with striking veins of gold or white, giving it an elegant and luxurious look.

What are the key features of Sahara Noir Marble?

Sahara Noir Marble is primarily black with bold, contrasting veins of gold or white. This stone possesses a polished, glossy surface that exudes sophistication and luxury. Each slab of Sahara Noir Marble features unique veining patterns, ensuring no two pieces are identical.

How rare is Sahara Noir Marble?

Sahara Noir Marble is considered rare due to its limited geographical origin and availability. This rarity enhances its value and desirability in the market.

Where does Sahara Noir Marble come from?

Sahara Noir Marble is quarried exclusively in Tunisia, a country in North Africa. Its name is inspired by the nearby Sahara Desert.

How tough is Sahara Noir Marble?

While Sahara Noir Marble is durable and strong, it is not as hard as some other natural stones like granite. It is susceptible to scratches and damage if not properly maintained. Therefore, it requires careful handling and regular maintenance to preserve its appearance and integrity.

Where can I find Sahara Noir countertops near Dallas?

As a leading natural stone importer, we offer a wide selection of Sahara Noir marble slabs.

Burlington Design Gallery has one of the largest selections of marble displayed in an indoor slabs showroom with pricing.

8001 Bent Branch Dr, Irving, TX 75063

👉Call us at 468-248-3210 to get more information.

Do you ship outside of Texas?

We can ship slabs any where in USA. To ship farther than 100 miles from our location , we need to ship a minimum of 6 slabs. you can mix different colors of slabs. Please call our showroom for more details. You can email us at

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