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Amazonite Countertops for kitchens : Check Price here

Updated: Mar 20

Keep reading to learn about the top questions about Amazonite Quartzite!

What is the price point for Amazonite Quartzite slabs?

At Burlington Design Gallery, Amazonite Quartzite is priced starting at $210/SF (price is subject to change with new lots).

What are the characteristics and features of Amazonite Quartzite slabs?

Amazonite Quartzite slabs exhibit a striking appearance characterized by bright turquoise blue hues with deep gray and blue veins branching across them.

These slabs boast exceptional durability, heat resistance, and low porosity, making them ideal for various applications in both residential and commercial settings.

Are Amazonite Quartzite slabs suitable for kitchen countertops?

Amazonite Quartzite slabs are suitable for kitchen countertops due to their durability, resistance to heat, and low porosity, which makes them less prone to staining from spills and food acids.

How do you care for and maintain Amazonite Quartzite slabs?

To care for and maintain your Amazonite Quartzite slab, regularly clean it with a mild detergent and warm water.

Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that could damage the surface.

Sealing your Amazonite annually can help enhance its longevity and protect against stains.

How do the white veins in amazonite quartzite countertops enhance interior design?

The presence of white veins in our beautiful amazonite quartzite countertops adds a dramatic contrast against the turquoise and green background, creating a striking focal point in any space.

This unique quartzite works exceptionally well for kitchen countertops, accent walls, and even as a dramatic centerpiece for your coffee table, blending perfectly with various interior design themes to create a harmonious and luxurious ambiance.

What design styles are suitable for Amazonite Quartzite?

Amazonite Quartzite is well-suited for a variety of design styles, including contemporary, modern, and eclectic.

Its vibrant turquoise blue color with intricate veining adds a bold and luxurious touch to any space, complementing both minimalist and more ornate aesthetics.

Whether used as a statement countertop in a sleek kitchen or as a dramatic accent wall in a living room, Amazonite Quartzite can effortlessly elevate the overall design scheme with its unique beauty and versatility.

What makes your selection of brazilian amazonite quartzite ideal for outdoor applications?

Our Brazilian amazonite quartzite is sourced for its unparalleled durability and beauty, making it the ultimate choice for ultimate outdoor grilling experience and exterior applications. 

The natural resistance of this stone to weather and heat, coupled with its stunning green color and dramatic turquoise hues, ensures that your outdoor spaces are not only functional but also visually captivating. Its ability to withstand the elements and maintain its beauty over time makes it a preferred selection for high-quality outdoor kitchen countertops and bar tops.

What are the applications and benefits of using quartizes for home decor?

Our range of unique quartzite surfaces, featuring  intriguing patterns  offers a lot of applications beyond traditional countertops. 

These surfaces can be transformed into artful dining tables, elegant bar areas, or even bespoke chess table tops.

These stones bring a piece of the ancient world into your home, providing not just a surface, but a story and a piece of natural art.

Where can I find Amazonite Quartzite near Dallas?

As a leading natural stone importer, we offer a wide selection of Amazonite Quartzite slabs.

Burlington Design Gallery has one of the largest selections of natural quartzite displayed in an indoor slabs showroom with pricing.

8001 Bent Branch Dr, Irving, TX 75063

👉Call us at 468-248-3210 to get more information.

Do you ship outside of Texas?

We can ship slabs any where in USA. To ship farther than 100 miles from our location , we need to ship a minimum of 6 slabs. you can mix different colors of slabs. Please call our showroom for more details. You can email us at

 How do your products contribute to creating a bathroom oasis and other serene spaces within a home?

Our exquisite countertops, crafted from materials like Brazilian quartzite or amazonite, are designed to transform ordinary spaces into serene sanctuaries.

The beauty of quartzite, combined with the unique color variations found in our slabs, such as the veins green ivory light of amazonite or the deep blues of our quartzite slabs, can turn any bathroom into an oasis of calm.

Paired with our complimentary design service, we help clients select the perfect slab that reflects natural beauty and tranquility, enhancing spaces like bathroom countertops, guest tables, and center table tops to create a perfect harmony within your home.

What considerations should be taken into account for the maintenance and longevity of natural stone countertops like amazonite?

Maintaining the beauty and longevity of natural stone countertops like quartzites requires minimal effort.

They are very durable countertops.

For amazonite and similar materials, it is advisable to clean spills promptly and use gentle, non-abrasive cleaners to avoid scratching the surface.

We also recommend periodic sealing to protect against stains and water damage, ensuring your countertops remain as stunning as the day they were installed.

Our team provides detailed care instructions tailored to the specific needs of your chosen material, from amazonite countertops to marble agate table tops, ensuring they remain a durable and beautiful addition to your space for a long time.

What design advantages do amazonite countertops offer for commercial properties and retail stores?

Amazonite countertops provide commercial properties and retail stores with a visually stunning and unique selling point.

The dramatic turquoise and beautiful blue-green granite appearance of amazonite quartzite slab creates a compelling and luxurious atmosphere that can elevate the aesthetic appeal of any commercial space.

Whether utilized as bar tops, dining tables, or focal points in reception areas, the distinctive type of agate and its mesmerizing color palette ensures that your property stands out, attracting clients and enhancing their experience.

How do amazonite countertops integrate with various applications in kitchen and bathroom design?

Amazonite countertops are incredibly versatile, seamlessly integrating with a wide range of kitchen and bathroom designs.

Whether you're aiming for a sleek, modern look or a more traditional, botanic environment, the unique quartzite's dramatic hues can complement or become the centerpiece of your design.

Its durability makes it suitable for high-use areas like kitchen's focal points and bathroom oasis, where its resistance to moisture and wear is as important as its beauty.

Additionally, amazonite's natural variation adds character to center table tops and guest tables, making each piece a one-of-a-kind addition to your home.

What sustainability practices are in place for the mining and processing of amazonite countertops?

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our vendors mining and processing practices for amazonite countertops.

We work closely with Brazilian amazonite quartzite quarries that adhere to strict environmental standards, ensuring responsible extraction and minimal environmental impact.

The use of modern technology in the processing facilities allows to maximize material usage, reduce waste, and recycle water.

By implementing these practices, the quarries strive to offer our clients not only a beautiful and unique product but also one that is produced with respect for the environment, aligning with our broader commitment to sustainable development in the natural stone industry.

You might find the term quartz surfaces or amazonite jumbo extra granite loosely used , when talking about amazonite countertops.

Please note quartz is a man made product . Granite is a natural stone and is very durable.

Amazonite is a perfect option for the bar area. Its can also used for creating a dining table, center table top  or a focal point on walls. When using on walls, ammazonite shoul, you have yo use  2 CM slabs.

The 2 CM thickness reduces the weight of the slab and makes it easier for vertical application.

When used as slab backsplash, it will create a perfect kitchen's focal point. 

If you are wanting to create somethign unique, you can use amazonite quartzite for octagonal table tops, round table top

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