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Premium Natural Calacatta gold marble slab stone

Updated: Mar 7

What is Calacatta Gold Marble?

Calacatta Gold Marble, also known as Calcutta Gold or Calacatta Oro, is a premium natural stone extracted from the Apuan Mountains in the Carrara region of Tuscany. 

It is celebrated for its timeless white marble appeal, featuring a tranquil white base with delicate strands of ochre, warm grey threads, and reservoirs of soft gold veins, offering a touch of luxury and depth to any space. 

This beautiful stone is the epitome of grace and is often seen as the perfect choice for a wide range of interior design projects.

Calacatta Gold Marble is a luxurious natural stone characterized by its white background and prominent gold and gray veining. It is highly sought after for its elegant appearance and is often used in high-end residential and commercial projects.

How can I see the current lot of Calacatta Gold Marble available?

We encourage visiting any one of our two Showrooms to view our beautiful displays of the Calacatta Gold Marble Collection. 

Each piece of marble is unique, so viewing the current lot in person will give you the best color reference and allow you to appreciate the true splendor of this elegant natural product. 

For trade professionals, exclusive trade pricing and design assistance are available.

What services do you offer to help with my next project?

We offer design assistance to help select the perfect natural stone products for your next project. 

Our qualified design associates have access to a wide range of lots including exclusive marbles like Calcatta Borghini Marble and first-quality Calacatta Gold Marble tiles.

Free local pick-up and  shipping options are available for out of state orders (freight cost varies)

What are the shipping options and costs?

We provide various shipping options, including free local pick-up from our stone center or warehouse. 

For those requiring delivery, we offer shipping all over USA , the freight rates will vary depending on the size and weight of the order. 

Some products may be subject to an additional charge. 

Please feel free to contact us for a quote.

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How do you clean and maintain Calacatta Gold Marble?

Calacatta Gold Marble should be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild cleaner suitable for natural stone. 

It's important to avoid acidic cleaners that can etch the marble's surface. For everyday maintenance, wiping the surface with water and a soft cloth is sufficient. 

It is also recommended to seal the marble periodically to protect its beautiful finish and enhance its durability.

What is the price point for Calacatta Gold Marble?

The price point for Calacatta Gold Marble varies depending on factors such as quality, thickness, and source. Here at Burlington Design Gallery, you can find Calacatta Gold Marble for $150/square feet.

Is Calacatta Gold Marble suitable for kitchen countertops? 

Calacatta Gold Marble is suitable for kitchen countertops due to its durability and timeless beauty. However, it is important to seal the marble properly to prevent staining and etching from acidic substances commonly found in kitchens.

Calacatta Gold Marble is a also a popular choice for bathroom walls, floors, shower walls, and floors, as well as kitchen backsplashes.

Its quality and the beautiful vein patterns add a sophisticated and timeless look to these spaces. 

Whether you prefer a polished or honed finish, Calacatta Gold Marble can complement any interior with its creamy white background and gold dramatic veining.

What design styles complement Calacatta Gold Marble?

Design styles that complement Calacatta Gold Marble include classic and traditional aesthetics. Its elegant white background and dramatic veining pair well with sophisticated and opulent interior designs, as well as minimalist and modern spaces seeking a touch of luxury.

What products are available in the Calacatta Gold Marble collection?

Our Calacatta Gold Marble collection boasts a large selection of products including marble countertops, mosaic tiles, Calacatta Gold Hexagon, subway tile, wall tile, and floor tiles. 

Available in different sizes and finishes such as polished and honed, these products cater to a variety of design cuts and are ideal for adding a timeless look to bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes, and marble floors.

Do you offer any discounts or special pricing?

Yes, we offer exclusive trade pricing for qualified members such as trade professionals and interior designers. 

Following us on social media or subscribing to our newsletter is the best way to stay updated on our latest promotions and new arrivals.

Where can I find Calacatta Gold Marble near Dallas?

As a leading natural stone importer, we offer a wide selection of Calacatta Gold Marble slabs.

Burlington Design Gallery has one of the largest selections of Calacatta Gold Marble displayed in an indoor slabs showroom with pricing.

8001 Bent Branch Dr, Irving, TX 75063

👉Call us at 468-248-3210 to get more information.

Do you ship outside of Texas ?

We can ship slabs any where in USA. To ship farther than 100 miles from our location, we need to ship a minimum of 6 slabs. you can mix different colors of slabs. Please call our showroom for more details. You can email us at

👉Calacatta Gold Marble : Click the button below to view more info for our Calacatta Gold Marble slabs.

Can I return a product if it doesn't meet my expectations?

We strive to ensure all our customers are satisfied with their purchases. 

If for any reason the product does not meet your expectations, please contact our customer service team to discuss return options. 

Note that returns may be subject to terms and conditions as outlined in our terms of use. 

Due to the natural variation in stone, we recommend reviewing your product upon pickup or delivery to ensure satisfaction with the current lot.

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