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Pure White Quartz Countertops

Do Pure White Quartz countertops scratch easily?

Pure White Quartz countertops are known for their durability, and scratching isn't typically a major concern. While they're not completely scratch-proof, they are highly resistant to scratches from everyday use, making them a reliable choice for busy households.

Is solid white quartz expensive?

Solid white quartz countertops can vary in price depending on factors such as brand, thickness, and market demand. While they may be considered a premium option, their cost can be influenced by various factors, including installation fees and customization requirements.

Are Pure White Quartz countertops cheaper than granite?

Compared to granite countertops, Pure White Quartz countertops can sometimes offer a more cost-effective solution. However, pricing depends on factors such as brand, slab size, and installation costs. In some cases, Pure White Quartz may be more affordable than certain types of granite, but individual circumstances will determine the final cost.

Can you get plain white quartz?

Yes, you can absolutely find plain white quartz countertops! Solid white quartz slabs are available, known as Pure White Quartz, and can provide a clean and minimalist aesthetic for various design applications. Whether you're aiming for a sleek modern look or a timeless classic appeal, plain white quartz offers versatility and elegance to suit a range of design preferences.You can find Pure White Quartz at Burlington Design Gallery.

How durable are Pure White Quartz countertops?

When it comes to durability, Pure White Quartz countertops excel. They are highly resistant to stains and scratches, making them well-suited for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. With proper care and maintenance, they can maintain their pristine appearance for many years.

Where can I find Pure White Quartz countertops near Dallas?

As a leading natural stone importer, we offer a wide selection of Pure White Quartz marble slabs.

Burlington Design Gallery has one of the largest selections of natural marble displayed in an indoor slabs showroom with pricing.

8001 Bent Branch Dr, Irving, TX 75063

👉Call us at 468-248-3210 to get more information.

Do you ship outside of Texas?

We can ship slabs any where in USA. To ship farther than 100 miles from our location , we need to ship a minimum of 6 slabs. you can mix different colors of slabs. Please call our showroom for more details. You can email us at

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