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White Onyx Countertops

Updated: Feb 22

White Onyx 1.8 CM

Price : $126/SF

What is White Onyx marble?

White Onyx marble is a beautiful natural stone characterized by its translucent appearance and distinctive bands or layers.

Composed primarily of calcite, it is a form of banded calcitic marble that exhibits a range of white and creamy hues, often with subtle veins or patterns.

The stone's white background and unique translucency allows light to penetrate, creating a captivating visual effect.

Is White Onyx marble suitable for kitchen countertops?

While White Onyx marble is undeniably beautiful, it may not be the most practical choice for kitchen countertops.

Onyx is a softer and more porous stone compared to some other marble varieties, making it susceptible to scratches, etches, and staining from acidic substances.

In high-traffic areas like kitchens, where spills and potential abrasive contact are common, it might require more maintenance and care.

Where is White Onyx marble from?

White Onyx marble is sourced from various quarries worldwide, with notable deposits found in countries such as Iran, Turkey, Mexico, and Pakistan.

The specific origin can affect the stone's characteristics, including color variations and veining patterns.

Does white onyx marble require sealing?

Yes, White Onyx marble typically requires sealing.

Onyx is a porous stone, and sealing helps to protect it from absorbing liquids and staining. It's essential to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and reseal the marble periodically, especially in high-use areas.

Are white onyx countertops suitable for outdoor use?

Due to their sensitivity to extreme heat and potentially to UV light, white onyx countertops are generally recommended for indoor applications.

Their luxurious appearance makes them a perfect choice for interior designs, from luxury hotels to residential projects.

Are there any design tips for incorporating white onyx marble in interiors?

  • Lighting Considerations: Leverage the stone's translucency by incorporating strategic lighting. Backlighting White Onyx marble can enhance its visual appeal, creating a mesmerizing glow.

  • Accent Pieces: Use White Onyx as an accent, such as a statement wall, fireplace surround, or elegant tabletop. Its distinctive appearance makes it a focal point in any space.

  • Contrast with Darker Elements: Pair White Onyx with darker elements like rich wood or deep-colored furnishings to create a striking and balanced design.

  • Consideration for Low-Traffic Areas: While it may not be ideal for kitchen countertops, White Onyx can shine in low-traffic areas such as bathrooms or featured areas in living spaces.

Remember, incorporating White Onyx marble requires thoughtful planning to showcase its beauty while considering its specific maintenance needs and limitations.

Where can I find White Onyx near Dallas ?

As a leading natural stone importer, we offer a wide selection of White Onyx slabs.

Burlington Design Gallery has one of the largest selections of natural marble displayed in an indoor slabs showroom with pricing.

Design Ideas :

Creating elegant and sophisticated spaces with white onyx countertops can transform any home or commercial setting into a luxurious oasis.

Here are ten design ideas that leverage the unique beauty and versatility of white onyx countertops, incorporating the elements listed:

Luxurious Bar Islands:

Install a white onyx countertop on a bar countertop or island, pairing it with white cabinets and brass pulls for a clean, elegant look.

The translucent quality of snow white onyx can be highlighted with under-counter lighting, creating a glowing focal point in the Bar.

White onyx waterfall countertop is a great way to use these beautiful slabs.

Elegant Bathroom Vanity Tops:

Use white onyx vanity tops to add a touch of luxury to bathroom interiors.

Complement the vanity top with brass faucet kits and white drawers, ensuring a seamless appearance that exudes sophistication and elegance.

Sophisticated Fireplace Surrounds*:

Design a stunning fireplace surround using white onyx slabs.

The natural patterns of the stone can add depth and interest to living room spaces, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

*White Onyx can not take a lot of heat. You will have to find out what kind of fireplace you are using and if you can use white onyx or not.

Modern Home Bars:

Incorporate white onyx countertops into home bar designs for a sleek, modern look.

Pair with glossy white subway tiles and satin nickel hardware for a contemporary feel. Glass globe island lights above the bar can enhance the onyx's natural beauty.

Dramatic Backsplashes:

Utilize white onyx tiles for kitchen backsplashes to create a dramatic and luxurious look. Combine with white kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances for a sophisticated design that stands out.

Outdoor Living Spaces:

Although best suited for indoor applications, white onyx can be used in covered outdoor living areas, such as luxury hotel patios or residential project courtyards, where it's protected from extreme elements but still adds an elegant touch.

Stylish Dining Tables:

Craft a bespoke dining table featuring a white onyx countertop.

This can become the centerpiece of a dining room, complemented by oak kitchen island cabinets and elegant upholstered chairs for a refined dining experience.

Luxury Retail Display Counters: In luxury retail environments, white onyx countertops can be used for display counters, showcasing products against the backdrop of this extremely precious natural stone.

The delicate energy of onyx adds an exclusive feel to the shopping experience.

Artistic Wall Cladding: Use large panels

of white onyx slab as wall cladding in a lobby of a luxury hotel or a residential entryway, creating a striking visual impact.

Pair with minimalistic decor and ambient lighting to let the natural beauty of the onyx be the main attraction.

Designer Office Desks:

Elevate a home office or executive suite with a desk topped with a pure white onyx block. Complement the look with black walls or dark charm elements like black trellis wallpaper, and brass straps for a sophisticated contrast that enhances productivity and style.

Luxurious onyx handicrafts

Luxurious onyx handicrafts bring an element of sophistication and timeless beauty to any space, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship and unique patterns inherent to the stone. These exquisite pieces, ranging from elegant sculptures to intricate jewelry boxes, serve not only as decor but also as heirlooms, cherished for generations.


a sophisticated French range hood pairs seamlessly with a striking black quartz-topped island, setting the stage for culinary creativity.

Above, black light pendants cast a soft, inviting light, highlighting the dramatic onyx backsplash at the heart of the space.

Bronze pulls on the cabinetry add a touch of warmth, complementing the rustic charm of exposed wood beams.

Practical storage drawers ensure a clutter-free environment, while stylish counter stools invite guests to gather around, making the kitchen a hub of conversation and connection.

Each of these ideas leverages the unique qualities of white onyx countertops, from their luxurious look to their ability to create a seamless appearance in a variety of design settings.

Whether used in residential projects or luxury hotels, white onyx offers a perfect blend of elegance and durability, making it a top choice among interior designers and architects.

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Where can I find White Onyx near Dallas ?

As a leading natural stone importer, we offer a wide selection of White Onyx slabs.

Burlington Design Gallery has one of the largest selections of natural marble displayed in an indoor slabs showroom with pricing.

8001 Bent Branch Dr, Irving, TX 75063

👉Call us at 468-248-3210 to get more information.

Do you ship outside of Texas ?

We can ship slabs any where in USA. To ship farther than 100 miles from our location , we need to ship a minimum of 6 slabs. you can mix different colors of slabs. Please call our showroom for more details. You can email us at

👉White Onyx Marble : Click the button below to view our pricing.

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